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Congratulations Bride & Groom!

Victoria’s Family congratulates the Bride and Groom on their special occasion, and we hope your wedding was a memorable event for both you and your family.  Remember, at Victoria’s Family, you’re part of the family!

Here are some frequently asked questions from our happy couples:


Q:  Where do I view my wedding photos?

A:  Your photos are available to view here.  Please allow 14 business days after your wedding date for your photos to be posted.  To view photos, simply locate the date of the events and click on the album.

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View your wedding photos here



Q:  When will I receive my marriage certificate?

A:  After your wedding, you will need your marriage certificate for any name changes, legal matters and other significant purposes.  Your marriage certificate is what is required by the Department of Motor Vehicles, banks, Social Security Administration and Immigration & Naturalization Services.

After your wedding, your Officiant will register your marriage license directly with the Marriage License Bureau.  You will then receive your legal marriage license directly from the Marriage License Bureau in the mail within approximately 14 business days from your wedding date.

For any delays or questions, please contact the Marriage License Bureau at (702) 671-0500 or [email protected]

If you’re looking for information on how to obtain a marriage license in Las Vegas, read:

Las Vegas marriage license information

Information on how to obtain your marriage license in Las Vegas



 Q:  How Do I Thank The Victoria’s Family Staff?

We’re always saying that at Victoria’s Family, you’re part of the family.  We wish all of our newlyweds congratulations and send many happy wishes for a long healthy and happy life.  We would love for you to visit with us on Facebook and share your memories and photos.  Please feel free to leave a review of Victoria’s Wedding Chapel on Yelp, Google + or TripAdvisor as well: